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Ever since opening its doors to the San Francisco community in 2000, Alexandria City High School Orchestras has truly lived up to its reputation as the leading Performing Arts Company in the industry. From drama to comedy to music, we strive to provide quality entertainment to our large community of performing arts enthusiasts at great prices.

At Alexandria City High School Orchestras, we believe that the art of performance unleashes inner artistic demons that are just waiting to see some light. And what happens when these demons are combined with talent? Magic ensues, and your visual experience is enhanced. Stop by and experience it all for yourself!

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Founded by Jane Doe in 2000, Alexandria City High School Orchestras has been captivating the hearts of audiences nationwide through its magical productions. As a renowned Performing Arts Company, our venue has hosted a wide range of productions from the get go. Every day, we’re inspired by the outside world — and are always finding ways to keep our audiences engaged and entertained. Whether taking the stage in-house, or performing at venues across the globe, Alexandria City High School Orchestras knows how to make a lasting impact. Get ready to be entertained!

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